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Micropolis Art Gallery
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Coupons are back! Mohawk Harvest Coupons

Use these coupons to try some of our newer products : Chilled Gazpacho Soups (no bowls needed); Sweet Potato Cereal Flakes from Kashi; Peas Please Southwest Spice or Sea Salt; CLVR bars in very clever flavors; allergen friendly meal replacements and MORE! Click on coupon above to see them all
Co-Op Owner-Members Specials
July - ALL things locally produced are 10% OFF (you'll see signs identifying local products)
August - ALL Fresh Produce is 10% OFF - and the Co-op will be FULL of fresh local product in August

June & July are very important to Mohawk Harvest. We had our start just 6 years ago in June; we moved into our current location 4 years in July. We LOVE June & July.
Thanks to everyone who has shopped and joined our efforts. We could never have done it without you.

Co-Op Board Meetings - 3rd Thursdays
at the 32 N. Main (next to Co-op) @ 6:30pm

Weekend BRUNCH!
Mohawk Harvest serves brunch
every Saturday & Sunday from 9-2

***** Food Service Organizations *****

If YOU (or someone you know) owns or operates an organization that needs wholesale quantities of local produce - such as a restaurant or food service operation -Mohawk Harvest, which has developed a transportation network to bring local produce to the consumer can now offer the benefits of our network to others and help strengthen the local farm economy while becoming known as an area with great tasting local foods!

Click for letter from Manager, Chris Curro.
Food Store Deli

New Items at Mohawk Harvest
New LOCAL Produce
Every Day

Happy Jack's Cafe

Happy Jack's Cafe & Deli
Freshly roasted Coffee
Delicious Home-Baked goodies
Teas ~ Specialty beverages
Daily lunch specials
fresh roasted coffee
Happy Jack's coffee is roasted at the Co-OP. You can't get much FRESHER than that. Take it home & grind it there OR use the Grinder at the Co-op. Either way - that's GOOD COFFEE !

Mohawk Harvest is Open to ALL and Welcomes ALL
MasterCard, VISA, Discover & EBT accepted
Mohawk Harvest's mission is to support local farmers & producers and provide our members and consumers with the best local products available.

Why YOU should become a member of MOHAWK HARVEST!

You'll be part of a community that cares about food, the local economy and each other
You'll be entitled to special member-only discount events
You'll be able to special-order bulk items
You'll be able to vote on Co-op business and to petition the Board
You'll be eligible for patronage refunds
You'll be an equal partner in the Co-op and your voice & your vote will count!

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